Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year!

I am busting at the seams with excitement about this year!  I anticipate all the great things that will be taking place this year....our new baby boy in about 5 weeks, our move home this summer, Johnny's graduation in October and setting up our life back home in Washington!  God has really blessed us with a wonderful life and an extremely supportive family!

My momma and I

We got out the bassinet and Wyatt thought it was his playhouse

That wraps it up...I am quite possibly the world's worst at remembering to take pictures during any event, hence, the one good picture of Wyatt and my dad and sadly, no pictures of my mom and Wyatt.  We had a blast this Christmas and my parents visit went by really fast!  
Hope you all have made your New Years resolutions if you plan to....I have made mine, but I can't start tackling it for another 5 or 6 weeks!  Gotta lose that baby weight after our little man is born...hopefully the Iowa spring will cooperate and allow for many walks in the park with my kiddos!