Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, no pics or anything to attach to this post- short and sweet!  We found out today that we are having another little boy!  A little brother for Wyatt!  Yay!  Can't wait for more cowboys, trucks, dirt, and grass-stained knees!  Will post some pics of the ultrasound tomorrow possibly!  Blessings!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Back and Feeling Better!

Finally getting over a nasty cold that I've had since Friday!  Blah!  I really, really dislike being sick. Thankfully it happened over the weekend, because there was no getting out of bed for me on Saturday (male bonding time for my boys I suppose).  Not much new news here to tell (although tomorrow there will be!)  I will update you all as to whether to start seeing blue or pink in the Rasmussen future!

I thought today I would show you the full sized bed we scored for Wyatt's room last week!  I randomly talked to a lady via craigslist and she had a basically new mattress/boxspring/frame for us for $25!  At first I was a little skeptical..yikes...$25, how many stains/lice/bedbugs does this mattress have!?  I was quite relieved to drive up to their big, beautiful home and see how clean everything was!  We scooped up a pretty good deal and now our guests actually have a bed to sleep in!  The lighting in these pics is not the greatest either so....

I couldnt help myself (since this will be Wyatt's bed once we moved back to WA)- I ordered the adorable vintage truck pillowcases from Pottery Barn kids.

The comforter and shams are a PB bedding set we already had and the rest of the sheeting/bedskirt is from Target!  I think it came together well.  The vintage printer's tray above Wyatt's bed is from Goodwill and has some sweet little vintage blocks in his initials (J.W.R).  I just won a cool old license plate on ebay. It's a vintage Wyoming truck plate...I wish we had plates like these (there is a bucking horse with a cowboy in the middle)!  Will be hanging that with some sort of twine from the printer's tray.  Funky, fun art!  (Will post pics of that when it arrives) The lampshade on the dresser is from Target and the wooden lamp base is a $2 Good will score!

Updates on the doc appointment tomorrow!!  Blessings!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celebrating our Anniversary!

So hard to believe that 3 years of marriage have come and gone already! I am truly blessed and married to the most wonderful guy ever!  God had me in mind when he designed Johnny and vice versa!  Hard to believe that it is already the middle of September!  I have a busy-bee hubby who has clinic appointments today, so we will have to actually "celebrate" this weekend!  We also are involved in a small group bible study that we LOVE and didn't want to miss tonight!

The leaves are starting to turn here and the weather (though its still unpredictable) just has a different feel.  I have been taking Wyatt to the park and walking a lot more these days which is just lovely!  Something about this time of year makes me miss home quite a bit!  I miss watching football on Saturday with family and waiting for the guys to come home to see if they shot the big buck!  Now we still do those things, except I'm usually looking at my watch wondering where Johnny is because its dark (and you cant hunt after dark) and dinner is getting cold!  haha- I really do love my hubby, he just doesn't share the same urgency for things as I do.

We will be finding out in 6 days now whether our "bun-in-the-oven" is a boy or a girl!  We caved and decided to find out! I will be thrilled either way!  I imagine the possibilities with a little girl, but also treasure the thought that Wyatt could have a brother to play with everyday!  We'll see!

Just real quick- I promised some pics of my fall mantle, and though I don't have pics in the frames yet I thought I would show you!  Some greenery, antlers, warm wood tones and distressed white frames! I am going to get some fall pics of last year printed to fit the frames (on my to-do list).  I love using burnt orange, green, and cranberry to accent!  All my pretty throws are currently being laundered, but there is nothing better than a few cozy blankets to snuggle up with!  I've had a few cups of hot chocolate and tea lately too---woooohooo!!!!

Blessings!  Have a great day!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

One of my favorite bloggers, a lovely Christian lady named Susie Harris just blogged about "Enough".  She was speaking of her Fall mantel, but I think she was also just referring to her life, her home, her family, and GOD above all else being ENOUGH!  This really inspired me and brought a lot of thoughts into my head.  How often throughout the day do I think "I need this, I need that" when in all reality I have ALL that I need.  I have a Almighty God (who never, ever lets me down), a loyal and loving husband, and a son that literally brings a smile to my face no matter what he is doing....(okay, that piercing scream doesn't exactly make me smile- more like cringe!) HAHA!  Not to mention I have the most supportive and amazing extended family and friends I could ever ask for! Boy life is good!

Food for thought- What are you filling your life up with that's not glorifying to God?  Is God ENOUGH for you?

I'm a sinner, just like the next person, but I am really going to make an effort to make sure God is what's filling my voids in life and not worldly stuff!

Okey dokey- things get a little messy from here....I have learned in the last few months that the phrase "Boys will be boys" is actually quite true in so many ways.  Wyatt spent the afternoon outside with his daddy and had to be carted to the bathtub completely stripped of clothes because there was powdered dirt in nearly every crevice.  It really made me smile to see him having so much fun throwing that dirt (as long as I was the one who didn't have to bathe him)!

All cleaned up and in his new camo bathrobe from my parents!  Such a big boy!  

Going "junking" with a friend this weekend- let you all know what we find!  My mantel is almost done! Pics of that in my next post!

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time Flies!

Johnny, Wyatt and I packed up the back pack and some bug spray and attempted to take a little hike in the wilderness about 30 minutes from here on Sunday afternoon.  Johnny was on the hunt for some big bucks, I was lookin' for some acorns and nature of some sort to take home, and Wy Man was just a long for the ride!  Sadly, all we came back with were about 50 mosquito bites between all of us and clothes that had to go directly to the washer otherwise we would all contract poison oak rash!  Yuck, but great family bonding time...haha!   Though some of you are probably wishing I had taken pics, I am thankful I did not!  In a couple days we wont look like we have the chicken pox- whew!  

Today I got out on a walk with one of my good friends!  So nice to visit and catch up- summer is always too busy (and HOT) here to walk much!  Lately I have been on the hunt for pine cones and acorns.  Iowa doesn't really have many pine trees, but the park near our house happened to have some with tons of pine cones awaiting my retrieval at the bottom!  yay!  We finished our walk and what do ya know...there are tons of big, perfect acorns under a nearby tree.  Not really sure exactly what I intend to do with these beauties, but I think they might become part of my Fall mantel!

This cooler weathers gets me thinking about last year when Wyatt was only about 9 months old!  Now I have a busy, tantrum throwing, kisses-giving, 20 month old (almost)!  Last year he was just crawling around our back yard in the leaves and this year he is RUNNING!  These pictures bring a tear to my eye- my little man is not a baby like this anymore!

Good thing I have LOTS of pictures for great memories!  

Friday, September 3, 2010

Too Long Gone....

It's officially been too long since I've put up a new post!  It's amazing how a week can get away from you when you are busy!  Interestingly enough I wasn't really THAT busy doing anything in particular, but between keeping an eye on two toddlers (I babysit, only one is mine) and deciding what to make for dinner (which tends to take me more time than one could imagine) I kind of forgot that I actually started this blog. My sweet mother reminded me today that I haven't posted anything in A WEEK..heaven forbid!

I managed to accomplish a few decor related things in the course of a week- some of which I'm not thrilled with the result so will likely paint AGAIN for a different look.   The above photo was once two frames that I superglued together.  I used the glass of the smaller frame as a base for my chalkboard paint, so now voila- a mini chalkboard.  Kind of fun!  On the hunt for a chalk pen so that writing on these little boards can be a little less sloppy than with regular chalk!   

This is our mantel as of right now- but boy did we have a fall day today in Iowa and I am DREAMING of pumpkins, gourds, and rich colors.  Its fun to be light and bright in the summer, but fall demands a little more attention to detail!  I love to stick with greens no matter what the season, but throwing in some cranberry and burnt orange adds a lot of warmth!  I'll have some inspiration pics soon!

OH....and how could I forget!!?  My internet browsing paid off the other day when I found this beauty for under my dining room table!  

Yes, a jute rug!  Clearly the color contrast between our rather terrible carpet and the rug isn't drastic, but for the price, I wasn't about to wait until we moved to scoop up this deal!  I also thank the person who purchased a pair of jeans (that I will NEVER fit into again) on ebay- your purchase made my day and helped me buy this sweet addition!  Overstock.com is really one of the best places ever!

The hubs wasn't entirely thrilled when he arrived home, not about the rug, but regarding the fact that I had cracked the bottom of one of the table legs while moving it (I know, pregnant ladies aren't supposed to move furniture!)  Thankfully its fixable, but our table in now 2 inches shorter because we cant have it on the caster wheels.  Whew....I told you I've been busy!  Ha!