Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Yakima

Our lives have been busy in the last 6 months, but I decided I probably should update my blog!  My hubby graduated from Chiropractic school (yay!) and we moved back to Washington!  We found a cute little rental in a great location and couldn't ask for a better landlord!

I thought you all might like to see our place decorated for Christmas- we sold everything when we left Iowa, so we started from scratch here- that was fun for me!  Luckily Johnny's family let us borrow a couple tables for our kitchen and dining room until we are able to buy a house and know what we really want.  I realized after I snapped these shots that filmy little fingers must have been touching the lens of my camera, but these will suffice.  

My boys got enough toys for Christmas to supply the neighborhood- today I sorted through them and put old ones away and new ones in their toy boxes.

Clearly they are happy with what they received!  

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and have a great New Year!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today it is sunny and warm!  We already made it to the park this morning and both children are sleeping peacefully now!  Our weather is warming up quickly- we may hit 80 on Sunday!  I go to my last MOPS meeting of the year bittersweet.  My heart almost hurts because I want to be home so badly, but at the same time, moving means I will be 2,000 miles from some of the best friends I will ever have! :(  What am I going to do without those girls!?

My mind is busy these days with packing and trying to sell all of our stuff!  I try to catch a picture of the boys every now and then- Wyatt is such a ham!

Boone is teething something fierce!  He gnaws on his poor little hand night and day and drools, drools, drools.  I was feeling his gums this morning and his right, front tooth pricked my has just barely broken through!  Can't believe this little man is three months old!

Wyatt's new favorite thing to say is "mine."  Heaven help me! One minute I am pulling my hair out because he is driving me bonkers and the next I am laughing hysterically because he is just so darn cute!  Can't wait till I can send him to the farm for a weekend with his Boppa Doug- that'll wear him out (and my dad too!)  

Missing all my Washingtonians today, but excited to soak up the sun with my girls here in Iowa for another 3 months!    

Thursday, April 14, 2011


This little man makes me melt every time I see him- even in fits of tears, I feel so blessed!  I feel like I just was rushing to the hospital to have him, but WOW- he is 10 weeks old!

I have been looking back through pictures of Wyatt when he was little and came across this- what do you they look a like?

The bigger Boone gets the more I realize that he really has his own look- darker skin, deep, brown eyes and that tuft of hair on top of his head!  My boys are lookers if I may say so myself- I'm going to have to beat the girls off with a bat!  haha!  

I don't know if it is because we are moving or because I am just extra tired, but I would much prefer to walk by the same pile of laundry on the floor ten times than to take 2 minutes to put it away.  I've lost my domestic motivation in the cleaning department!  I'm sure I will regain strength as Boone starts to sleep better though!  So don't stop by my house without calling because you just might find us in our PJs swallowed in laundry!  

We recently had Mimi and Boppa John come visit us for a few days!  We had so much fun with them and were blessed to have them here to meet Boone!  Pretty sure Wyatt wore his poor Boppa out!  Johnny and I got our fix of eating out for a while and are now officially HOMESICK!  If you know anyone in Iowa who needs a chiropractor send them Johnny's way-  gotta get those numbers!  

Friday, April 1, 2011

He's Chatting!

Boone is developing quite a personality!  He is starting to coo and smile all the time!  We've learned he likes this little rattle cow that he has because he smiled at it today and let out a belly chuckle!  One thing abount Boone, though, is that if he's hungry or tired, he's CRANKY!  I think he takes after his daddy in that way...:)  The newborn stage is darling, but I am proud to say this little man is no longer a newbie!  I think it's safe to say he has entered into the infant stage- yay!  Also happy to announce he slept for 6 hours straight last night- AMEN!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gettin' in A Groove

I sit before my computer today having showered, brushed my teeth, and changed both my children's clothes!  Amen!  Not to mention that dinner is waiting in the refridgerator to be baked later this evening!  Days like these don't pass my way too often so I'm taking it all in with a great big smile!

The children are both napping AT THE SAME TIME for two days in a row now and I get my afternoon to myself and whatever chores I need to tackle!  We are finally settling into a little routine and it's making me feel like a new woman.  Not to say that we don't have our days where we are all sitting on the floor crying together, but overall they are getting better.  Last night Boone slept his first 5 1/2 hour stretch!!  That makes for a happy mama!

He's starting to get a kick out of all my chatting at him!

Wyatt received his first fat lip after trying to slide off the couch head first last night- yikes!  We cleaned up the blood, had some dinner and life went on- exactly how I thought it would go :)  I'm sure it's the first of soo many bumps and bruises to come.  I went to brush his teeth before bed though to realize that he has severed the little flap of skin that connects the top lip to the gums- poor kid!

Sorry it's a little blurry!  Eyes swollen from crying, laughing at
 daddy- he didn't seem to care too much that he was bleeding :)

Johnny has headed to clinic for the evening with word of a couple new patients on the list for today!  Praying that he gets those patients!  I've been working on a spring mantel and getting the bug to get some plants around here- might run to the nursery up the street tomorrow to see what they have!  Is it Spring where you are?  We were teased by a 71 degree day about a week ago and now it's in the 30s- that's Iowa for ya!  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new addition!

I am finally back to blog about the birth of our handsome little man, Boone Douglas!  At 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 20 inches long, he came into this world so quickly!  My labor was short and intense!  He was born with dark hair, darker skin, and what we think to be brown eyes- looks just like his daddy!

Now, almost 7 weeks later, Boone is thriving!  He is starting to get those baby rolls and chubby cheeks!  I just LOVE it!  He has such great head control and loves to be up on someone's shoulder looking around!  We are approaching the 2 month mark- when things start to get easier...a little more sleep, some smiles, and more personality!

My life is SO blessed with my two boys and my amazing hubby! God has given me an incredible family to take care of and while I may have other hobbies in life, I know it's my calling to be the best mom I can be to my children.

Wyatt is loving his new baby brother, though sometimes I think he thinks he is a baby again.  Please don't judge my parenting skills by this picture, it was taken during the "zombie" weeks where I didn't care what he wore or frankly what he was chewing on!  

Stay tuned for years of funny stories, weepy mom moments, and family fun!  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Boy

Well I'm back with some pictures of where this new little bundle will be sleeping when he arrives.  Its nothing fancy, but we just set up a little bassinet in the corner of the room on my side of the bed.  We moved our rocking chair up to our bedroom as well, with the boppy waiting for those late night nursing sessions.  Part of me anticipates that bonding time, but part of me dreads the idea of being sleep deprived!  The newborn stage is so bittersweet!  Praying that this little guy sleeps better than Wyatt did in the first year!

His little take home outfit is hanging in the above picture. I hope it fits him- might be a little big...we'll see.  The sweater isn't part of the outfit, but I wanted to hang it up there as well because it matched the one-piece outfit!  The little bear hat with ears I had hand-knit by a lady on the website Etsy.  She did a wonderful job- can't wait to snap pictures of him in it! 

The wonderful thing about this bassinet is that there are baskets underneath and behind the fabric...I have them filled with his clothes, socks, washcloths, etc.   

I am attempting cloth diapers from day one with this little guy and I did plenty of research on what my best options were.  I decided to go with the traditional prefolds/flats and diaper covers.  They are all prepped and ready to go!  I had to snap a picture of the cute little diaper covers!

The whale cover is my favorite!

In my attempt to be frugal and as natural as possible, I tried my hand at repurposing some flannel receiving blankets into cloth wipes.  No more buying disposable wipes for us!  I'm not much of an expert with the sewing machine and it was my first time using a zigzag stitch, but I'm kind of fond of the way they turned out- considering they will be wiping my baby's bum!  

We are excited for this new little guy!  Praying that he waits until this harsh Iowa weather is over though...well, at least the blizzard!  I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow to check on any progress- I have been having LOTS of Braxton Hicks contractions!  We'll see if Davenport snow plows are on top of their game and I can actually get there!  Updates tomorrow- chow!