Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today it is sunny and warm!  We already made it to the park this morning and both children are sleeping peacefully now!  Our weather is warming up quickly- we may hit 80 on Sunday!  I go to my last MOPS meeting of the year bittersweet.  My heart almost hurts because I want to be home so badly, but at the same time, moving means I will be 2,000 miles from some of the best friends I will ever have! :(  What am I going to do without those girls!?

My mind is busy these days with packing and trying to sell all of our stuff!  I try to catch a picture of the boys every now and then- Wyatt is such a ham!

Boone is teething something fierce!  He gnaws on his poor little hand night and day and drools, drools, drools.  I was feeling his gums this morning and his right, front tooth pricked my has just barely broken through!  Can't believe this little man is three months old!

Wyatt's new favorite thing to say is "mine."  Heaven help me! One minute I am pulling my hair out because he is driving me bonkers and the next I am laughing hysterically because he is just so darn cute!  Can't wait till I can send him to the farm for a weekend with his Boppa Doug- that'll wear him out (and my dad too!)  

Missing all my Washingtonians today, but excited to soak up the sun with my girls here in Iowa for another 3 months!    

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