Wednesday, October 6, 2010

kitchen accessories!

Yesterday I made a little stop in TJ Maxx and found some new dish towels for our kitchen.  We have some cute Williams Sonoma ones, but I think I have had them since I went to college and I was up for a change! These are such good quality and you cant beat TJ Maxx prices!!  The burgundy and flowered towels are from my mother-in-law who has great taste and knows me so well!  So, I wanted to post about accessorizing and adding "decor" to your kitchen.  Whenever I get new dishtowels I get excited to roll them up all cute and put them in one of my favorite bowls to display (and eventually use).  Its like functional decor!

Another way to add personality with your kitchen accessories is to use chargers, stacked as a centerpiece.  
This picture just shows two sets of chargers stacked on top of each other with a pretty fall bowl full of knick knacks and nature!   

Did I ever mention I really dislike clutter?!  I am an organized individual.  It can be good and bad...I may need to let up a little!  For the longest time the top of our fridge was messy. Packages of half opened pepsi 12 packs, waterbottles, etc. just stacked on top.  I COULDN' T TAKE IT!  So I went to Walmart and bought myself these beauties for $10 and I breathe a sigh of relief every time I go to the refrigerator!  

That's easy organization!  I always keep a few wooden clothespins on them just in case I need to keep the chip bag closed or something!  I recently just took down all of our pics of the fridge- time to freshen up!  Now all we have to look at and anticipate is our little baby boy we cant wait to meet!  

I cleaned today!  If you want great tips on how to lose the commercial cleaners (cause they aren't good for you, your children, or your pets) head on over to this blog!

My little man awakes- see ya tomorrow!

God Bless!

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