Monday, October 11, 2010

Lamp Revamp

So you don't really like that plain ol' black lamp that you've had since college, but can't afford a new one...?  Try a new look for very few $!  My grandma taught me that you CAN paint pretty much anything, although I'm sure I'm not the expert she is!  This project required a can of primer spray paint, a can of Rustoleum "Oregano" spray paint and a little sandpaper.  All of which I either had or purchased but am also using for other projects (more on that later).  A $1.50 natural woven trim added to the lampshade with craft glue and a little paint and I feel like I have a new lamp!  A little distressed and a little more contemporary than the plain black!  Don't be afraid to paint something you love that's the wrong color or just something you can't really afford to get rid of- a little elbow grease and your husband will think you went shopping!

More on my other projects tomorrow! Night!


  1. please come to my house and tell me what to do with my lamps. i hate them....but not enough to buy brand new ones. :)

  2. Lacey- the possibilities are endless! Spray paint is your best friend!