Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A LONG week

Well, I made it through last week thinking that I was actually getting over my cold, just in time for it to end up turning into a sinus infection and more time spent in bed.  My poor hubby is probably sick of hearing me whine, but this is really the sickest I have been in ages!  Having done nothing in the past week except eat to survive and change diapers, I come with no offerings of creativity.  So sorry!  One encouraging thing happened over the weekend (opening weekend that is!).....my manly hubby shot a deer!  Some of you are probably cringing and some thinking that's not so hard, but he is a relatively new bow hunter and its really quite challenging to actually hit the deer if you even see a big one!  So kudos to him!

The buck's left antlers broke off at some point, but its still a pretty good buck!  I think Johnny (hubby) is having some bittersweet feelings about shooting a deer this early in the game (Bow hunting season lasts around 2-3 months).  Now he just doesn't know what he is going to do for the rest of the season.  I quickly reminded him he has a delightful family to spend time with :) AND he has a turkey tag to fill, as well as another deer tag for muzzleloader season!  Poor guy has nothing to do!  

Please be praying for my Grandpa Jens who has severe emphysema (sp?) among other things going on.  He has been in and out (thankfully!) of the hospital in the last year and we are SO grateful that we haven't lost him, though there have been some close calls.  He needs our prayers and God to give him strength/comfort.  Also prayers for my Grandma and close family who are basically involved in the 24 hour care- I know they want to be there to help, but its wearing on them too.  

Grandpa Jens

Grandma Shirli

Blessings to you all!  If you are one of my WA friends, I cant wait to see you in somewhere around 9 days!!  How's the weather there?! Already starting to pack my bag!!

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