Monday, November 22, 2010

Our bedroom

I thought I would take a little time to show you what I've been doing in our bedroom.  Basically, I have neglected that room since we moved into this rental, because really nobody sees it.  Lately though, I have been wanting to make it cozy, wintery, and a peaceful place to lay our heads at night.  I would really like to make this my spot to read my Bible, devotional, and books- it was just blah before.  My favorite color is green, so what better color to use as my pop of color.  I like neutral colors, so most of the pillows, etc. are pretty subtle.  I combined a celery green (my fav.) with a forest/olive green (a color my husband likes), with touches of white, tan, oatmeal, and brown.

The drapes are made of canvas painting drop cloths!  Cost me $20 for the whole project and I love them!    The pillow is an old Hungarian grain sack made into a pillow and the sled in the corner is an junk store score from out here in Iowa (the antiques are SO much cheaper here)!

We refinished this dresser this summer- we got it on Craigslist for $45 and just stained in Walnut and painted/distressed the drawers.  

Adding a simple scarf to the sled dressed it up just enough for the winter season!

This is a frame I bought long ago and decided to paint.  I added the grain sack stripes and painted the "No. 4" in the bottom corner to give it that vintage feel!

We don't have nightstands so on one side I have an old chair with a basket, throw, and some antlers.  On the other side is a desk draped in a canvas painters drop cloth.  

To add some touches of winter we have a faux fur throw (ivory) on our bed, a wreath with little hand-stamped snowflake cards, and the tree branch on our dresser.  The tree will be a whole other blog as I will be decorating it with some fun mini pom-poms made of white/silver tissue paper!  Stay tuned for that!  Blessings to you all- hope you like what we've done on a pretty much non-existent budget!  

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  1. Love it all, but especially love the sled - super cool! Fantastic blog!