Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taking a Break...

Well I took a much needed break for the last couple weeks from pretty much everything, except spending time with my hubby and little man!  We needed some time to get back into the swing of things here after such a long vacation and having a visitor in the house.  Sometimes I forget that I am pregnant and actually get extra tired sometimes.  But now, we are all well rested and excited for the Thanksgiving season that is upon us!

Johnny's sister from Texas is coming to visit us for Thanksgiving and we can't wait!!  The time here flies so much faster when we get occasional visits from family members- plus we just love Auntie Katie!  Johnny's classes are going well and next week he will officially be able to work in the main clinic at Palmer.  This means that he will be seeing patients from the community, as well as students and his family.  Pretty exciting!  Really makes it real that he is nearing the end of his DC education!

Sadly, when we visited WA I left my camera charger at my parents house, so my mother will be mailing that to us one of these days- But that means no pictures for a while, unless they come from the Iphone (which isn't great quality).  

I have been inspired lately to make Wyatt a little learning center.  We don't have a playroom in our place, so his corner of the living room will suffice.  He has a table just his size and I am in the process of making a chalkboard for above his table.  It serves two functions- a place for him to draw (under supervision of course!) and is also decorative.  Chalkboards are the rage right now!  I am almost done, so I will see what kind of pic our lovely Iphone can manage.  Here are some fun chalkboard ideas for kids rooms/playrooms!

Living Etc. 

LOVE THAT BENCH!  So fun!  Labeling baskets is always a good idea too...

Pottery Barn Kids

Chalkboard paint is what I will be using, though not directly on the wall like this photo.  



God is teaching me about contentment these days.  For those of you who know me, you know that I have a love for decorating and making our home cozy.  That is one of my biggest struggles-  seeing so much inspiration and not having the means (i.e. money) to transform my home into what I see- I am learning to be grateful and content for what I have!  God has blessed us with SO much!  The things we have DO NOT create our identity- we are children of GOD first and foremost- then we are wives, husbands, mothers, father, sons, daughters...and the "stuff"(in moderation) is just the fluff that can make life extra fun!  Have a blessed day!      

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