Monday, August 23, 2010

Farmers Market...Oh how I love thee!

Today was the PERFECT day for hanging up those freshly laundered cloth diapers and let the warm breeze dry them, not to mention the sun bleach them out!  They look just a little brighter and whiter than they did before.

The air is definitely starting to change here, its still HOT, but somehow more tolerable.  Johnny tells me its easier to embrace summer when you know it is nearing the end- true story.  I do love Fall, but grilling and bare feet are pretty fun too!

Wyatt and I visited the Farmer's Market today and found some yummy produce!  PEACHES, PEACHES, PEACHES!  I smell a peach pie in the making!

Wyatt thinks the peaches (or anything else round) are balls.  So I had to snap a shot of him with a couple peaches!  Can't wait to show you all what painting/decorating things I'm up to now!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a few "before" photos of the stuff I'm starting to work on!  

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