Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Fall here yet?!

I keep checking the weather wondering if we have cool weather in the future, but consistently keep seeing those upper 80s and low 90s- just miserable!  I am READY for Fall in so many different ways.  I cant wait to see the leaves turning and falling from the trees, to wear jeans and boots, to be able to take Wyatt to the park at 2 in the afternoon and not suffocate and many things!  I am excited to be finally journaling my first entry on my blog!  It seems like I've pondered the idea for several months and have yet to take the time to learn how to put one together.  I decided it was time to create one when I was consistently going to bed at night with unspoken thoughts (and decorating ideas of course) running through my head!  My poor hubby can only listen to me talk so much about what else I want to paint white!  I want this to be an opportunity for those who don't get to see us often to know what's going on in our lives; for those who need decorating inspiration (I'm no expert though) to come see what I like to do/paint around our house; and for those who need to hear tidbits of hope and joy from God's Word to stop by and get refreshed!  I hope you will all enjoy reading this as much as I will enjoy writing!  God Bless and be on the lookout for a new post soon!


  1. I am soooo happy you started a blog!!! You will love it; it's very addicting. I'm also excited to be the first one to leave a comment! :)

  2. Already inspired! Always love some "good news" and some decorating ideas. I miss the Northwest too. I can't wait to get back there..we leave in one month! Blogging was the best thing I've done while I was here. I did not realize it until later but It preserved some really special memories for us and now I try to capture them all and post them so I have them to look back on. Look to God and Live.