Thursday, August 26, 2010

Priming is painful!

Oook, so the frames have been primed, but boy are they unworthy of being shown.  This is the worst stage of refinishing something.  Streaky, stripy, mess!  They are going to look cute, but I think I need some input as to whether I should do the caramel/tan color under the white or vice versa and then distress.  Any suggestions?  The trouble with our place is that we are renting and we cannot paint the walls.  Luckily our landlords have painted the whole place a nice antique white.  The architecture in this place is pretty stunning too...more on that in a later post!  Soo, I almost think the walls need some warmth- maybe the tan with white showing through the distressing is the way to go!

So since I don't have any "final product" pics to show I thought I would post some pics of our recently refinished dining table and chairs. We found them on craigslist for a steal and put a little elbow grease into making them just how we wanted them.  The set is almost 100 years old!  Such neat details on the legs!  It has two leaves at the end that pull out to make the table a little over 7ft. long.

I re-upholstered the seats in 100% linen fabric that I got on super-duper clearance at Hobby Lobby!  It was originally like $25/yard and I got like 3 yards for $10!  Made me happy!

We no longer have the buffet in the background (which is good cause the clashing colors of woods was driving me nutssss!!)  It also gives us a ton more space.  I would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a jute rug to put under the table, but with us moving in 10 months and still living on a student budget it just isn't a reality.  :(

I also had the time and the peaches to make a yummy peach pie today!  My hubby's eyes lit up when he arrived home from school.  I included some pics of the process and if anyone wants the tried-and-true recipe (which is a combo of Betty Crocker...haha...I know....and a pie crust recipe from one of my mom's good friends) just let me know!

Its truly the best peach pie ever.  I use half whole wheat flour and half regular flour for the pastry (to make it a little healthier..hehe).  I also have started using Sugar in the Raw (unprocessed sugar) for baking- the taste is so yummy!

Got out my Pampered Chef mini-cookie cutters and cut out some fall leaves to put on top! 

And 45 minutes later its done!  Sprinkle some sugar on top and voila!


  1. Ok there's so much I need to learn from you! You are AMAZING!!!

  2. What a good wife you are! That pie looks delish! I am going to start priming alot of my furniture next week- everything is going white.
    Have a pretty night!