Thursday, September 16, 2010

One of my favorite bloggers, a lovely Christian lady named Susie Harris just blogged about "Enough".  She was speaking of her Fall mantel, but I think she was also just referring to her life, her home, her family, and GOD above all else being ENOUGH!  This really inspired me and brought a lot of thoughts into my head.  How often throughout the day do I think "I need this, I need that" when in all reality I have ALL that I need.  I have a Almighty God (who never, ever lets me down), a loyal and loving husband, and a son that literally brings a smile to my face no matter what he is doing....(okay, that piercing scream doesn't exactly make me smile- more like cringe!) HAHA!  Not to mention I have the most supportive and amazing extended family and friends I could ever ask for! Boy life is good!

Food for thought- What are you filling your life up with that's not glorifying to God?  Is God ENOUGH for you?

I'm a sinner, just like the next person, but I am really going to make an effort to make sure God is what's filling my voids in life and not worldly stuff!

Okey dokey- things get a little messy from here....I have learned in the last few months that the phrase "Boys will be boys" is actually quite true in so many ways.  Wyatt spent the afternoon outside with his daddy and had to be carted to the bathtub completely stripped of clothes because there was powdered dirt in nearly every crevice.  It really made me smile to see him having so much fun throwing that dirt (as long as I was the one who didn't have to bathe him)!

All cleaned up and in his new camo bathrobe from my parents!  Such a big boy!  

Going "junking" with a friend this weekend- let you all know what we find!  My mantel is almost done! Pics of that in my next post!

Have a blessed day!

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