Monday, September 27, 2010

Back and Feeling Better!

Finally getting over a nasty cold that I've had since Friday!  Blah!  I really, really dislike being sick. Thankfully it happened over the weekend, because there was no getting out of bed for me on Saturday (male bonding time for my boys I suppose).  Not much new news here to tell (although tomorrow there will be!)  I will update you all as to whether to start seeing blue or pink in the Rasmussen future!

I thought today I would show you the full sized bed we scored for Wyatt's room last week!  I randomly talked to a lady via craigslist and she had a basically new mattress/boxspring/frame for us for $25!  At first I was a little skeptical..yikes...$25, how many stains/lice/bedbugs does this mattress have!?  I was quite relieved to drive up to their big, beautiful home and see how clean everything was!  We scooped up a pretty good deal and now our guests actually have a bed to sleep in!  The lighting in these pics is not the greatest either so....

I couldnt help myself (since this will be Wyatt's bed once we moved back to WA)- I ordered the adorable vintage truck pillowcases from Pottery Barn kids.

The comforter and shams are a PB bedding set we already had and the rest of the sheeting/bedskirt is from Target!  I think it came together well.  The vintage printer's tray above Wyatt's bed is from Goodwill and has some sweet little vintage blocks in his initials (J.W.R).  I just won a cool old license plate on ebay. It's a vintage Wyoming truck plate...I wish we had plates like these (there is a bucking horse with a cowboy in the middle)!  Will be hanging that with some sort of twine from the printer's tray.  Funky, fun art!  (Will post pics of that when it arrives) The lampshade on the dresser is from Target and the wooden lamp base is a $2 Good will score!

Updates on the doc appointment tomorrow!!  Blessings!

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