Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time Flies!

Johnny, Wyatt and I packed up the back pack and some bug spray and attempted to take a little hike in the wilderness about 30 minutes from here on Sunday afternoon.  Johnny was on the hunt for some big bucks, I was lookin' for some acorns and nature of some sort to take home, and Wy Man was just a long for the ride!  Sadly, all we came back with were about 50 mosquito bites between all of us and clothes that had to go directly to the washer otherwise we would all contract poison oak rash!  Yuck, but great family bonding time...haha!   Though some of you are probably wishing I had taken pics, I am thankful I did not!  In a couple days we wont look like we have the chicken pox- whew!  

Today I got out on a walk with one of my good friends!  So nice to visit and catch up- summer is always too busy (and HOT) here to walk much!  Lately I have been on the hunt for pine cones and acorns.  Iowa doesn't really have many pine trees, but the park near our house happened to have some with tons of pine cones awaiting my retrieval at the bottom!  yay!  We finished our walk and what do ya know...there are tons of big, perfect acorns under a nearby tree.  Not really sure exactly what I intend to do with these beauties, but I think they might become part of my Fall mantel!

This cooler weathers gets me thinking about last year when Wyatt was only about 9 months old!  Now I have a busy, tantrum throwing, kisses-giving, 20 month old (almost)!  Last year he was just crawling around our back yard in the leaves and this year he is RUNNING!  These pictures bring a tear to my eye- my little man is not a baby like this anymore!

Good thing I have LOTS of pictures for great memories!  

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