Friday, September 3, 2010

Too Long Gone....

It's officially been too long since I've put up a new post!  It's amazing how a week can get away from you when you are busy!  Interestingly enough I wasn't really THAT busy doing anything in particular, but between keeping an eye on two toddlers (I babysit, only one is mine) and deciding what to make for dinner (which tends to take me more time than one could imagine) I kind of forgot that I actually started this blog. My sweet mother reminded me today that I haven't posted anything in A WEEK..heaven forbid!

I managed to accomplish a few decor related things in the course of a week- some of which I'm not thrilled with the result so will likely paint AGAIN for a different look.   The above photo was once two frames that I superglued together.  I used the glass of the smaller frame as a base for my chalkboard paint, so now voila- a mini chalkboard.  Kind of fun!  On the hunt for a chalk pen so that writing on these little boards can be a little less sloppy than with regular chalk!   

This is our mantel as of right now- but boy did we have a fall day today in Iowa and I am DREAMING of pumpkins, gourds, and rich colors.  Its fun to be light and bright in the summer, but fall demands a little more attention to detail!  I love to stick with greens no matter what the season, but throwing in some cranberry and burnt orange adds a lot of warmth!  I'll have some inspiration pics soon!

OH....and how could I forget!!?  My internet browsing paid off the other day when I found this beauty for under my dining room table!  

Yes, a jute rug!  Clearly the color contrast between our rather terrible carpet and the rug isn't drastic, but for the price, I wasn't about to wait until we moved to scoop up this deal!  I also thank the person who purchased a pair of jeans (that I will NEVER fit into again) on ebay- your purchase made my day and helped me buy this sweet addition! is really one of the best places ever!

The hubs wasn't entirely thrilled when he arrived home, not about the rug, but regarding the fact that I had cracked the bottom of one of the table legs while moving it (I know, pregnant ladies aren't supposed to move furniture!)  Thankfully its fixable, but our table in now 2 inches shorter because we cant have it on the caster wheels.  Whew....I told you I've been busy!  Ha!  

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